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Raiz Neblina Ground Coffee Pack

SKU#: 37123
$ 72.48
Count: 42ct
Size: 2.75oz

Raiz Neblina Ground Coffee Pack - 42ct / 2.75oz has low inventory and may have longer lead times due to high demand.

Neblina is inspired by cloudy foggy mountain mornings in Colombia that make you want to curl up with a hot cup of coffee. This 100% Colombian is lighter roasted to enhance the bright acidity that Colombian coffee is known for.

Yield: 64oz brewed per pack -8/8oz cups

Directions for use: Put desired amount of ground coffee and water ratio into brewer and follow equipment directions

Equipment Compatability: Pour Overs, Bottle Brewer, 12 cup brewer, Airpot Brewer

Allergens: none